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  • All culture in one place – an online calendar of Kaunas cultural events
  • Kaunas cultural activity monitoring and analysis tool

In 2017, Kaunas Artists’ House, together with partners, started to develop a tool for monitoring and analyzing Kaunas cultural activities, the aim of which is to unite city and district’s cultural operators, collect data on their activities, analyze the growth and development prospects of the common cultural field. The goal is to combine the needs of different institutions, solve common issues of cultural activities and provide innovative, high-quality services.

The online tool works on several levels: 1) in individual accounts accessible to cultural operators, where data is collected, self-analyzed and then the event information is entered, which is included in 2) an open, accessible to citizens and city guests, calendar of cultural events kultura.kaunas.lt

The tool is unique because it provides the possibility to enter data on cultural activities. It is also supplemented with the data analysis function. The analysis is possible at several levels:

  • Individual. The filling in of event data allows each institution to monitor and evaluate its performance;
  • Kaunas Cultural Field. Each month a general analysis of Kaunas cultural field is provided to culture and art operators, which reflects the cultural tendencies in the city;
  • Strategic. Each institution can contact the administrator of kultura.kaunas.lt for a detailed analysis of its activities, which is the starting point for successful strategic planning.

It is expected that data based on analysis and interpretation will contribute to sustainable cultural field decisions at the city level. At the same time, it is an opportunity to follow the problem areas of the cultural field, as well as to celebrate and publicize achievements that exceed expectations.

More about other activities: http://kmn.lt/en/cultural-infocentre/ 


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