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Poezijos festivalis „Tu ateik” | Gričiupis
2022-07-23 14:00 Kovo 11-osios parkas, Kovo 11-osios gatvė, Kaunas

Poetry festival "You can come" | Gričiupis

Balys Sruoga invited us to come to the cherry garden, in that dreary season, when the autumn wind sings. We invite you to come to Kovo 11-osios Park in July, when, we hope, the poetry and not the wind, will be singing. B. Sruoga lived in Gričiupis, and the paths he walked reach Kovo 11-osios Park. This memory is preserved by the "Balio ir Vandos Sruogų" Museum, which has contributed to introducing the community of Gričiupis to Sruoga's and other Lithuanian literary masterpieces, and to promoting the cultural life of this eldership.
The museum, the Gričiupis community and the "Ceramics Academy", located in the Gričiupis neighbourhood, have been listening to poetry since 2021 and have been sculpting the details of the carpet that will become the highlight of this celebration. The poetry festival "You Come" will feature sung poetry, pottery workshops and other activities.